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Submitted by aedowd on Tue, 08/13/2013 - 4:25pm

A group of BHSc students has just wrapped up a series of molecular biology and bioinformatics workshops in Nicaragua using a ‘train the trainer’ model.  BHSc students travelled to Nicaragua to train 24 local professionals in common lab techniques in an effort to increase Nicaragua’s capacity in clinical investigation and diagnostics.  Their efforts were highlighted in a local article.

Samantha Cheuk, a 2014 Bachelor of Health Sciences graduate and assistant for the ucalgarycares program, speaks about the valuable learning experiences she will gain during her three week stay in Namibia in July.

This summer, Michelle Au, a third year biomedical science major, is using her Markin Undergraduate Student Research Program (USRP) studentship to combine her interest in music and medicine.

Creating exponential growth of expertise here and internationally

You can teach a handful of students how to perform a fundamental laboratory technique and send them on their way. Or you can teach their professor, supervisor or teaching assistant, so they can teach hundreds of students and a colleague or two that same technique.  

That’s the general premise behind the 'train the trainer' workshop program coordinated within the Cumming School of Medicine’s global health program organized by Wendy Hutchins and Guido van Marle.

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